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Both heterosexual and homosexual male prostitution also occurs in various settings, ranging from gay bars to discos and beach resorts. A large share of the males engaged in prostitution in Portugal are also foreigners, especially from Brazil and Africa. The concept of gigolo is used and is usually linked to male prostitutes with an exclusively female clientele. Most big cities have an area where homosexual male prostitutes regularly make themselves available to male potential clients cruising by in cars.
Lisbon’s Eduardo VII Park [2] reached notability for all kinds of prostitution, including homosexual and underage prostitution, as well as the Monsanto Forest Park, usually by nighttime. [5]
Transsexual and transgender prostitution also exists, particularly of Brazilian transvestites, namely at street level in certain designated areas (for example the Conde Redondo area in Lisbon), but also through web venues.
Increasingly one of the main venues for communication of prostitution in Portugal, as with other countries, is the Internet.
Like in other conservative countries where female premarital sex was frowned upon, it was a tradition in Portugal, before the 1970s, for a young man to initiate his sexual life with a prostitute, [11] sometimes with the father guiding that visit. [4] This was in spite of the fact that most Portuguese people are Roman Catholic Christians, for whom premarital sex is not permitted. Today most men initiate their sexual life at a younger age than in the past, and usually in the context of a relationship, rather than with a prostitute.
In the 19th century prostitution was largely contained in well known Bohemian neighbourhoods such as Bairro Alto, Alfama, and Mouraria. [2]
Prostitution become much more visible since the early 1990s, with a migratory wave from Brazil and Eastern European countries. However these claims have been disputed. [2] [2]
Press sources suggest that half of the women engaged in prostitution in Portugal are foreigners, especially from Brazil and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria), but also from Africa and some Asian countries. [5] [6]
Human trafficking, including trafficking of underage persons, has also become a growing issue for the authorities. Under the Portuguese penal code, trafficking in women is a crime punishable by two to eight years’ imprisonment.
Although the number of workers involved in the industry is notoriously difficult to estimate, in the mid-2000s, the number of female prostitutes was estimated at 28,000, of whom at least 50% were foreigners. [5] [6]
Resident groups continue to complain about what they see as an increase in visible prostitution. [2] [2]
As in most other European countries, opinions on sex work and its regulation are sharply divided. For instance a representative to the 2002 UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women stated that “there was no such thing as voluntary prostitution. About 90 per cent of prostitutes who had participated in a recent study had said that they wanted to change their lives. In many cases, the subject of prostitution was not a subject of women�s choice, but of violence and trafficking in people.” Ethnographical research on street prostitution, done by Alexandra Oliveira, of University of Porto has led the researcher to argue that prostitution should be legalized to improve the situation of the women. [4]
Some Portuguese prostitutes also married Chinese triad members from Macau before China took it back from Portugal, providing them with access to Portuguese citizenship.
During the 19th century and in contemporary times, Portuguese prostitutes have operated in Macau.
Prostitution in Catalonia: Girona’s Ladies of the Plastic Chairs.
Prostitution in Girona, Catalonia.
By Regina Winkle-Bryan.
Last week we headed north into Girona and more specifically, Emporda. These regions of Catalonia are known for the footprints left behind by Big Dogs such as Dali and Picasso. In fact, there are three Dali museums in Emporda. Girona offers fertile fields, miles of vineyards, the rugged shores of the Costa Brava and medieval villages with the Pyrenees as a dramatic backdrop for it all. Among all this beauty are the putas , or prostitutes, or “ladies of the night”, except it’s not night, it’s 10:00 a.m.
We’re driving through really the middle of nowhere, and there by the side of a country lane is a woman in fishnets, high-heels, a black mini skirt and a halter top. She sits in a white plastic chair, maybe sipping a Red Bull. A couple miles down the same road we see another one, and another, and another. On my last trip north to Girona we counted about 25 women working the back-roads with their plastic chairs and occasionally a sun umbrella.
How the hell do they get out to the middle of rural Catalonia? There aren’t buses out there, and these women are in dire straights, so I doubt they have cars. I would guess that the man, or pimp behind all this exploitation leaves them out there every day, and then picks them up later on. How many customers can these women have along Bob’s Lane? Not too many probably, but clearly enough to keep coming back. These are all good questions, and I don’t have the answers, although I think the most important question is: Why is this happening?

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1 Support for the research on which this article is based came from four research grants: NIH grant #: 1 R01 41724-01A1; NSF grant #: BCS-0075764; NIH grant # 3 P30 HD28251-10S1; and Wenner-Gren grant #: 6636. I would like to thank my colleagues from the “Love, Marriage, and HIV” project, Jennifer Hirsch, Constance Nathanson, Shanti Parikh, Harriet Phinney, and Holly Wardlow, for their many insights that have contributed to my work on this topic. I would also like to thank my colleague, Bianca Dahl, for a careful and critical reading of the paper, as well as participants in the IUSSP seminar, “Changing Transitions to Marriage: Gender Implications for the Next Generation,” in New Delhi, India, September 9–12, 2008 for their comments on an earlier version of the paper. Finally, I am grateful to two anonymous reviewers for helpful criticism and suggestions.
Young girls trade sex for empty beer bottles.
DANCEHALL music sensation Boom Berto�s hit song, Amai Munodonhedza Musika, blares from an old amplified hifi system. On the dance floor, young girls of school-going age wriggle seductively to attract male patrons in the nightclub in Wedza.
Thirteen year-old Kate, in a skimpy black dress, is whisked away by an elderly man. After a while, she returns with two empty beer bottles and carefully places them at the corner among other bottles.
With the country facing a biting cash crunch, which has hit rural areas the hardest, young sex workers are now asking for payment in empty beer bottles which they later trade for cash.
This is confirmed by Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (ZNCWC) research titled Young Women in Commercial Sexual Exploitation Along Two Transport Corridors in Zimbabwe.
ZNCWC programmes manager, Maxim Murungweni, who was one of the researchers, confirmed the latest trend and said many young sex workers were finding the going tough and had resorted to accepting payment in kind.
�During discussions, the children involved in commercial sexual exploitation in Beitbridge and Ngundu noted that there is low business, as the clients do not have money. In some instances they are now being paid in kind using empty soft drink or beer bottles per encounter. They noted that they now keep empty crates in their houses and exchange these crates for money once they are full. They have no choice but to accept this mode of payment,� he said.
According to the research, the majority (99%), of Young Women in Commercial Sexual Exploitation (YWCSE) reported that they were paid cash for providing their services, while the minority reported that they were being paid in kind with the items for payment including, used blankets, clothes and food.
The report also stated that a section of young girls are engaged in anal penetrative sex risking high chance of getting infected with the HIV. About 10,7% of the young sex workers do engage in oral sex with their male clients.
Meanwhile, new HIV infections in Zimbabwe fell by 3,1% during the first three quarters of last year, as patients embraced anti-retroviral drugs and adhered to prescriptions.
Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) data indicates that new HIV cases between and January and September last year declined to 205 711, from 212 330 during the prior comparative period in 2015.
However, according to the findings despite the ground gained through awareness campaigns women are contracting HIV at a faster pace than men.
The ZNCWC report also revealed that some young commercial sex workers are unable to negotiate for safe sex, with 28,4% of child sex workers admitting that their customers refused to use condoms during their last five sexual encounters.
�Reasons why a condom was never or sometimes used with a client demonstrate a strong proxy indicator to the compromised inexperience and poor negotiation skills for safer sex increasing the vulnerability of younger women in commercial sexual exploitation. 32,1% and around 28% indicated that condom use was compromised because customer pays more or refused to use respectively,� the report read.
Plan International Zimbabwe communications officer, Angela Machonesa, said the best way to keep children off commercial sex work is by keeping them in school.
�If we ensure that there is a social basket that allows children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school, or vulnerable children, for example, the disabled or orphans to be in school, then we can end this rife on child prostitution,� she said.
�The police force should also come hard on people who engage children for sex. It is now a syndicate of people doing that, for example those who offer booking rooms should not allow children in. The lodge owners should ask for IDs, it needs a multi-sectoral approach to end this scourge.�
She said climate change phenomena like the recent El Nino and cyclones have unsettled families, leaving young girls vulnerable to social vices like sex work.
Plan International has helped in the establishment of low-cost boarding facilities in some parts of Midlands where young girls stay at school, so that they won�t be preyed on while travelling to and from school. The girls go home during weekends and holidays.

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50 Year Old Anti-Slavery Law Used in Thailand to Combat Human Trafficking., News & Updates, 17 May 2007 — Adapted from: "Of human bondage: After 50 years, the anti-slavery law is finally being enforced." Bangkok Post. Outlook, 8 May 2007.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
Chand was forced to work from 4am to midnight every day, serving 50-year-old Wipaporn Songmeesap and her family of six. Instructed never to leave the house or contact her parents, fear-stricken Chand was only allowed to eat once or twice a day, unless her boss was angry with her, in which case she went hungry. When unhappy with her work, Wipaporn would violently beat her with an iron rod or a belt with a metal buckle, said Chand. She was never sent to the doctor, and repeated beatings kept opening old wounds, leading to a severe infection.
The legal efforts to take Chand’s employer to court for the crime of slavery began two years ago. In a landmark verdict last month, the Criminal Court sentenced Wipaporn to more than 10 years in jail for abusing Chand as a slave. The mother of four was also ordered to pay Chand 200,000 baht in compensation. Despite an appeal by the defendant, history was made. The country’s 51-year-old anti-slavery law had been enforced for the first time, paving the way for future cases to tackle human trafficking and slavery.
Ethnic Hill-Tribe Children Learn about the Dangers of Trafficking., 17 May 2007 — Adapted from: "Course to save hilltribe girls from flesh trade" Bangkok Post. 8 May 2007.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
Chiang Rai governor Amorphan Nimanant said his province has become a major transit point for human trafficking because of its location as it borders Burma and is also very close to China, where human trafficking is rampant as well. ”More importantly, people were still poor, deeper in debt, and had no access to proper education, which would only worsen the situation,” he said. However, the province is determined to suppress the problem, he said, adding that a network has been set up to fight it.
Children in danger – Human trafficking suspected as youngsters go missing in Tak’s Mae Sot district.
Anan Paengnoy , The Nation, March 26, 2007.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
Every month, a few children go missing from the Muslim Community in Mae Sot district in what clearly are cases of human-trafficking. According to local community leaders, these children are sent to Bangkok, Nakhon Sawan and even Malaysia to be beggars, workers and prostitutes. Some children are stolen, others are lured away. Some are sold.
Human Trafficking Racket Being Operated in Southern Thailand.
Pattaya Daily News, 22 March 2007.
[Last accessed 22 August 2014]
Recently, two young men from Buriram were kidnapped by a trafficking gang on their first day of arrival in Bangkok, while looking for work. After being drugged, presumably with something similar to chloroform, the two were transported, unconscious, to a fishing port and effectively imprisoned on a fishing boat for 8 months.
Phuket investors implicated in human trafficking bust.
The Nation, Mae Hong Son, 3 February 2007.
[accessed 22 August 2014]
Twenty long-neck Karen women (Paduang) arrested while crossing the Thai-Burmese border on Wednesday night allegedly were to be sold to a group of Phuket investors for 10 million baht, police said on Thursday.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
"Lin Lin " was thirteen years old when she was recruited by an agent for work in Thailand. Her father took $480 from the agent with the understanding that his daughter would pay the loan back out of her earnings. The agent took "Lin Lin " to Bangkok, and three days later she was taken to the Ran Dee Prom brothel. "Lin Lin " did not know what was going on.
Narathiwat raided Karaokes : 34 human trafficking victims rescued.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
The provincial police and other provincial officials had raided and arrested two local karaoke operators. 34 women and children were rescued. Among them included three Vietnamese people, two Cambodians, 20 Thai Yai residents, three Laotians, and six Thais. There was one fifteen-year-old and the rest aged between 17 and 20.
More co-operation needed in war on human trafficking.
Viet Nam News, 04-07-2006.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
Reviewing the human trafficking trend in the region, Thailand�s Susu Thatun , programme manager of the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region reported that nearly one-third of the global trafficking trade of about 200,000-225,000 women and children are trafficked annually from Southeast Asia.
While in the past women and children have been reported as trafficked victims, Thatun said that boys and men have also been identified as victims as well into the sex trade, heavy labour, begging, marriage, and the fishing industry.

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In conformity with the high expression of DPP4, we observed a down-regulation of the insulin signaling pathway among the HESN women. Though we could not, in our studies, directly attribute the low expression of insulin genes to DPP4, the association of very high DPP4 with diabetes is a confirmed phenomenon [33], [34]. DPP4 inhibits the incretin hormones, glucagon-like peptide 1 and Gastric Inhibitory peptide, limiting release of insulin from the pancreatic cells and inducing a hyperglycemic state. Subsequently treatment protocols for type 2 diabetes have incorporated DPP4 inhibitors [35]. Though our follow up studies affirmed high DPP4 expression at the protein level [36], clinical evaluation of the HESN cohort did not confirm type 2 diabetes but an impaired fasting glucose state. This suggests that development of type 2 diabetes nay not be an automatic phenomenon in this cohort. We are carrying out further functional studies to determine the probable contribution and mechanism of DPP4 and insulin repression in the HESN phenotype.
The phospatidylinositol pathway was a key impacted signaling system among the HIV-1 resistant women ( p <0.0001) This pathway consists of a cellular family of kinases that are activated by tyrosine phosphorylation and act as second messengers by regulating the phosphorylation of other kinases, including the ribosomal S6 kinases and the MAPK signaling network [37]. Because of its control of activation of many pathways, the inositol pathway is a critical mediator of various cellular processes. Down regulation of the phospatidylinositol system has been linked, to among others, low insulin levels. Insulin is a key regulator of the PI3K/AKT signaling system and insulin, through the insulin receptor substrate (IRS-1), provokes a rapid increase in levels of inositol phospholipids, PIP [38]. Additionally, PI3K was shown to be a key member of the pathway and was required for insulin induced glucose transport and glycogen synthesis. We postulate that the down expression of key immune pathways and cell adhesion molecule genes in our dataset may have been the result of the switch down of the PI3/AKT pathway, due in part by reduced insulin secretion. Furthermore evidence of direct effect of phosphotidylinositol signaling on HIV-1 infection has been noted. Francois et al [39], reported that inhibition of PI3K resulted in absence of HIV-1 infection of CD4+ T cells and macrophages with X4 and R5 pseudo typed viruses. Similarly Brown et al [40] has shown that blocking phosphotidylinositol phosphate (a substrate of P13K), with monoclonal antibodies inhibited HIV-1 infection by two HIV-1 primary isolates in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Chugh and colleagues [41] have demonstrated that blocking the PI3K/AKT pathway with Akt inhibitors dramatically reduced HIV-1 production from virus-infected macrophages. The implications of the observed down regulation of the phospatidylinositol pathway may hence be direct or through inhibition of HIV-1 dependency signaling events requiring PIP modulation.
In concordance with earlier findings from our group using specific cell subsets [42], we also observed lower basal T-cell gene expression, confirming a lowered immune activation state among the HESN group. Immune activation has been suggested to be the greater risk factor in HIV-1 infection and higher levels of activated T-cells in sub-Saharan African populations have been associated with higher HIV-1 prevalence [43]. This observation has been supported further by evidence of decrease in T-cell activation with successful antiretroviral use [44]. This low immune activation phenomenon, or immune quiescence, proposes a mechanistic profile of fewer activated cells presenting lesser targets to the AIDS virus and making it easier to clear infections that occur. Our findings of low basal gene expression in T-cells in our HESN population is also concordant with reports from similar populations that have shown lower levels of activated T-cells among seronegative partners of HIV-1 infected spouses [45]. Although these observations contrasts with reports from others [46]�[49], the gene expression patterns observed in our data bear a close metabolic signature pattern to that of quiescent T cells. Activated T cells have been noted to derive its ATP requirements from cytoplasmic glycolytic pathway [50], whereas quiescent T-cells derive metabolic needs through oxidative phosphorylation and other catabolic processes in the mitochondria [51], [52]. We noted that one of the few gene expression pathways that was up regulated by the HESNs was the mitochondrial oxidative phophorylation pathway (OXPHOS) with a concomitant profound down regulation of enzymes in the glycolysis pathway.
An up-regulation of DNA binding genes that have been associated with gene editing and silencing was a key phenomenon among the HESN. This included the Zinc finger (ZFN) and SMAD proteins encoding genes. Among the highly expressed ZFN genes were the Zinc Finger and Homeoboxes 2 (ZHX2) and Zinc Finger protein 20 (ZBTB20). ZHX2 has been identified as a transcription repressor gene [53] while ZBTB20 is a key repressor of alpha fetoprotein gene transcription [54]. SMAD3 is a strong enforcer of quiescence in T-lymphocytes through its antiproliferative and pro-survival signals [55]. In addition, the non-coding gene Xist, reported to trigger chromosome-wide gene repression [56], was highly up-regulated in the HESN women ( p 2.80E ?10 ).

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